Digital Business System

prepared for:

Calgary Glass Repair

prepared by: Nadeem Ahmad

Consulting & Core Foundation


Craft Corporate Message

Having absolute clarity of what we stand for as a company by defining the values we carry with us, the impact we’d like create and the legacy we intend to leave behind.


Define Corporate Vision

Crafting a business vision with a marketing plan that allows us to grow, pivot and scale towards our BHAG in a relatively well defined timeline.

Business Development Outreach Program

Leverage digital technology to streamline our client outreach program. Prospecting, sales closing, follow up, customer service and fulfillment processes.

Refine Standard Operational Procedures

Outlining and defining expectations of each role in the organization from frontline customer service and sales team members to c-suite professionals will create a check and balance for the overall sustainability of the company. As we evolve and grow procedures will help the leadership identify bottlenecks throughout the chain of communication before they are problematic.

First Touch Resolution

Develop a first touch resolution process for window repairs, to differentiate and streamline the customer care experience.

Research Audience & Demographics

By understanding critical pain vs. pleasure behavior patterns of our avatar(s) will help us define, design and deliver a well tailored brand experience.

Core Branding Exercise

Create an all encompassing experience by echoing the needs of our customers – this will be consistent in customer care, consultation processes, pricing & packages, installations, delivery times, reputation management, digital engagement, client retention etc.

Brand Management

Having brand guidelines that maintain consistent standards across all marketing touchpoints by creating original marketing assets that facilitate radio presence, community engagement, sponsorships, influencer campaigns and partnerships.

On Corporate Culture

Let’s create a culture that fosters excellence in customer care – teaching our employees how to accept business challenges, and how to treat partners and customers, and each other with empathy. Whilst crushing sales targets. 

Functions & Frameworks


Functions & Frameworks (F+F) is a living and growing set of rules where process and procedure operate as one unit resulting in the organization to execute within purpose and maximum efficiency.

As a startup it would be wise to engineer a nimble and robust F+F that thrives in both a retail and digital environment. This approach will mitigate the risk of cementing ourselves in one direction or the other.

F+F prioritize the organizations focus on three outcome driven functions: acquire, deliver and scale.

9 Frameworks • 3 Functions

As the F+F illustrates above, the complete structure is placed between two anchors: mission and mindset. This intended to keep the organizations sense of direction and purpose on point – defining what we want to do through our mission statement and having the mental/emotional capacity to execute by building the right mindset.

Frameworks feed functions, in turn the functions produce results; the results are measurable in a variety of ways: customers, community, data, information, opportunity, relationships, partnerships etc. all with the objective of building a profitable business.

Outlined in this section is the breakdown of the 9 frameworks.

The strategies outlined are from a 10,000 ft. view – with a vision and mindset that scalability is inevitable. Implementing the points shared in this proposal immediately is not the point but rather a means of sharing ideas that will benefit us at scale.

On a last note – culture is the lifeblood of every organization – doesn’t matter of how good the software is, or how smart the strategy, if people don’t matter, empathy is not a currency and the environment is toxic every pebble of a roadblock will feel like a mountain.

Cultivate the culture.



Creating Content

If content is king, thoughtful content is queen – most companies think like companies and not brands. The objective would be to attract an audience by building a knowledgebase around the needs of our customers, fostering long term relationships – not hunt to convert. Being able to elicit emotion, create connection, aggravate pain and then present a solution effortlessly is the content strategy.

Conversation to Conversion

Conversion happens in your own backyard – we facilitate this by creating our own platform (aka a blog, email list etc.) this will position our brand as an knowledgeable authority in our space. Allowing us to invite other professionals, brand owners, and product experts to share from their valued experiences. In doing so, we’re able to leverage several degrees of influence to build our own trusted community of customers.

Targeted Traffic

Leveraging mainstream social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora etc.) will be a intimidating task given our niche and products. However, planning and having an organic strategy focused on inspiring people to make inspired and informed decisions when in the market to procure windows for their home or project.

Modeled for Business

It’s easy to get lost in a world of content and flattery but know that all roads lead to conversion. With that said, conversion is not always a monetary figure, this can also be defined as a conversation, a referral, or simply customer service feedback. All of which create multiple paths to increased sales, revenue and happy returns.

Fulfillment First

Technically this means to deliver the goods we promise however, fulfillment is also an internal process – surrounding ourselves with like minded contractors that feel a sense of pride working with us. If our ethos as a company puts our team members first – fulfillment is an obligation that becomes an experience. Technology, transactions, conversion, sales and fulfillment all co-exist to deliver an exceptional customer service experience.

Operations and People

People are who our customers see, operations is what our people do, making this experience seamless is the key. Leverage online technology from the initial “Hello, thank you for calling Calgary Glass Repairs…” to fulfillment. Simultaneously – informing and educating our frontline team members is critical in making this framework a success. Iterative progress, personal growth, a knowledgeable team and approachable leadership keeps people operating in flow.

Trust the Team

Scaling an organization requires there be strong foundation of trust – having systems of recognition and reward, balanced by discipline and training will be required. Creating a cadence of opportunities to acknowledge the successes of our team members is critical to the morale of the brand. We want our customers to come to us because they trust us – because they feel special. And if trust is fickle internally it can be painfully obvious externally.

Strategy to Scale

Build it, break it. Then build it again – do it multiple times, in multiple ways before scaling the operations. Execute, refine. Execute and yes – refine. Taking customers from curiosity to consumer is a process that can be engineered, mapped, measured and improved. Do locally with one location, be intentional by keeping the audience pool small, evolve as fast as possible. Record and measure the results, build an impressionable case study – then scale.

Teaching Technology

The primary objective of technology is to collect meaningful information – data that shows us where we are and how we are going to get to where we want to be. Some people have a fearful disposition when it comes to technology – the consequences of human error hinder people from learning, implementing and executing new ideas. Fostering a culture of continued learning, experimenting and growing through our mistakes will help us evolve faster and become smarter.

On Customer Service

Set the customers expectation that exceed through unexpected ways, use care and kindness to its advantage – make others feel so good that its weird. Be exceptionally weird.






Market Research

Research our current customer demographic. Understand their pain points and what other options they have


Retail Experience

Map the current user experience marking key areas of improvement – website, offers, customer care, onsite experience, customer follow ups.


Creating a manifest of the current creative assets – brands and products we carry, showcasing the quality manufacturing and superior product quality.

Digital Strategy

Reviewing our digital footprint to identify opportunities online – if there are none – take the knowledge and expereince from our retail research and extend it online. 



Review and define the variouis technology platforms required to create an engaging and creative user experience that can scale a seamless online and real world retail experience. 


Content Strategy

Planning and creating the content strategy; organic reach intended to increase local foot traffic.

Integration Technology

Connecting the technology touch points – this includes the CRM, the POS & email subscriptions.

Social Properties

Setting up social channels to build organic traffic; creating a library of artwork and assets. Creating a theme centric content calendar for publishing.

Planning Case Studies

Keeping the grand vison in mind of attracting future opportunities, defining and creating a framework for the case studies we’d like to publish.


Build a Super Audience

Researching our organic keywords we can reach and amplifying our digital footprint by systematically publishing a vast network of web pages to organically build influence in search engines.

Build Knowledgebase

Creating an online knowledgebase that informs and educates our audience about the products we carry and the services we provide.

Digital KIOSK

Leveraging our knowledgebase and featuring it at local trade shows and events further creating an educational experience that is seamless with our online customer acquisition funnel.

Loyalty/Referral Program

Introduce a loyalty/referral program that not only encourages sales but also community engagement.

Brand Reputation

Creating a digital feedback loop that allows us to monitor ratings & reviews online – keeping a proactive approach to reputation management.

Conditional Logic

Driving organic traffic from our live engagements to landing pages that allow customers to build projects quotes themselves through a series of multiple choice questions – resulting in product offers.


A society grows great when old men plant trees the shades of which they know they will never sit in. Good people do things for other people.




Digital Marketing



Session 1

Planning and audit of the current pain points in the business. 


Session 2

Establishing organizational charts, defining roles and responsibilities


Session 3

Investing in roles & talents. Assuring the right people are in the right roles in the company.


Session 4

Establishing SOPs for each defined role, identifying sales/marketing, finance & fulfillment roles. 


Session 5

Define key metrics, KPIs and analytics, logistical bottlenecks, training opportunities. 


Session 6

Leverage current roles and assets in the community. Create a rolodex of influential (industry) leaders. 


Session 7

Define ideal avatars, in new verticles, parallel partnerships in the industry.


Session 8

Define the corporate messaging – from telephone calls to emails, to follow up text messages.


Session 9

Operational goals, hire on key inflencers in other areas, or create strategic partnerships.


Session 10

Review, build or create new case studies with relevant data collected in the last 8 weeks online/offline to forcast the end of the quarter. 


Session 11

Review online presence, refine email marketing strategy offer new marketing program for the next quarter.


Session 12

Quarterly strategy focus on mindset, goal planning for the next 2 quarters.


Organic Content Strategy - Text

Organic content strategy for text based content only, long format copy, guest articles. Focus on brand building and increasing the size of the digital footprint.


Organic Content Strategy - Search

Organic content strategy for search centric content, short format content, organic keyword ranking. Focus on organic reach and increasing the size of the digital footprint.


Organic Display Strategy

Graphic design, ads and visual content intended to drive organic traffic to our landing pages. This is done through local ad networks and hyper local Facebook Groups. 


Short Form Video Strategy

Short form videos (reels), ads and visual content intended to drive organic traffic to our landing pages. This is done through local ad networks and hyper local Facebook Groups.


Long Form Video Strategy

Organic video content, walkthroughs, tutorials and full installs on our own YouTube Channel. Highlighting quality craftsmanship and our team memebers.


Google Adsense

Keyword bidding/ranking for local reach. Optimized for need/intent based keyword targeting.


Google Display Network

Keyword paired with display ads. Optimized for brand awareness, product knowlege and intent targeting. 


Short Form Video Campaigns

YouTube reels, Instagram stories and Tiktok reels. Scroll stoppers, heavy on the creativity and return on attention.


Titles and Professions

Specific for LinkedIn. Targeting procurement managers, project managers, influential leaders in the city hall.


Topics and Problems

Video, graphics and text based content designed for Pinterest, Quora, Instagram stories. Backed by an organic commenting farm. 


Consulting - $3,600

12 sessions consulting engagement, to support the leadership of the company to define the vision and culture of the organization. Further to strategically postion the company to systematically increase marketshare. Typically these sessions are once a week and can be stretched across a time horizon that works with the goals of the company. This is probono. 


Onboarding Funnel - $5,000

A linear conditional logic form designed to onboard prospects and provide critical information to our customer care team to make a sale in a simple three step process. This is probono.


Creative Services - $2,500/m

Creative services includes copywriting, video editing, graphic design for ONE campaign. One campaign is defined as having a Set of 10 Ads. We’ll craft creative ad content intended to be repurposed across other paided platforms.

Fine Print

Creative Agency Service Agreement

This agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into as of April 25, 2023 by and between nadeemable marketing inc., an Alberta corporation, with its principal place of business at 264 Wolf Creek Manor SE, Calgary AB, T2X 4V3 (“Agency”), and Calgary Glass Repair, with its principal place of business at 70 Shawville Blvd SE #240, Calgary, AB T2Y 2Z3 (“Client”).

Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement
Both parties agree to keep any information shared between them in strict confidence. This includes all business and financial information, creative concepts, and any other proprietary information.

Creative Services Agreement
The Agency agrees to provide the following creative services to the Client:

Business Consulting
Creative Consulting
Creative Services
Post Production
Graphic Design

The scope of the project, including deliverables, timelines, and any specific requirements, will be agreed upon by both parties prior to the start of any work.

Business Consulting Agreement
In addition to creative services, the Agency may provide business consulting services to the Client, including but not limited to marketing strategy, market research, and brand development. Any such consulting services will be subject to the same terms and conditions as outlined in this Agreement.

Creative Service Schedule
The Agency agrees to provide the following creative services to the Client:

Creative Consulting
Creative Services
Post Production
Graphic Design

The timeline for each creative service will be agreed upon by both parties prior to the start of any work.

Business Consulting Calendar
The Agency agrees to provide the following business consulting services to the Client:

12 Sessions as outlined above. May be subject to change as per the needs of the business. All sessions will be prescheduled in advance and will be a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes per session. Client may exhaust the sessions as required. Sessions to not roll over or exceed 24 weeks.

The timeline for each business consulting service will be agreed upon by both parties prior to the start of any work.

Payment Schedule for Creative Services
The Client agrees to pay the Agency the following fees for the creative services provided:

Creative Services (Media/Post) for $2,500.00 / month

Payment Schedule for Business Consulting
The Client agrees to pay the Agency the following fees for the business consulting services provided:

Business Consulting $3,500/ 12 Sessions. Fee Exempt.

Ownership of Creative Assets
Any creative assets produced by the Agency during the course of the project will be owned by the Agency, except for any licensed or purchased assets that have been approved by the Client. The Agency reserves the right to use any such assets for promotional purposes in its portfolio.

Either party may terminate this Agreement with a 14 day notice of transition, with or without cause, upon written notice to the other party. In the event of termination, the Client agrees to pay the Agency for all services provided up to the date of termination.

Governing Law
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Alberta, without regard to conflicts of law principles.

Entire Agreement
This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether written or oral, relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement as of the date first written above.


The Agency:

By: ______________________________________________________

Name: _____________________________________________________

Title: ______________________________________________________

The Client:

By: ______________________________________________________

Name: _____________________________________________________

Title: ______________________________________________________

Thank you for lending your trust and confidence. May this journey be fruitful and wildly successful for all individuals involved.